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Nisa is a makeup artist currently located in Austin, Texas, though she originally hails from Trinidad & Tobago. Nisa’s passion for the arts as a child led to her gaining an Associate of Arts degree in Studio Art. She went on to complete her Bachelor of Arts in International Area Studies. After working for a few years as a research assistant and in retail makeup sales, she decided to return to school.

She graduated from Towson University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education. After working as an art educator in the public school system, she moved to Austin, where she began working at Sephora while she completed a graduate certification in Interactive Media Design. Upon completing this certification, Nisa found that while she enjoyed web design, she wanted to pursue her true passion for makeup artistry. She became a certified color artist and SUBC Facilitator with Sephora. Not only does she perform custom consultations at Sephora, but she also teaches the makeup education classes at her store location! With the ever-growing requests for on-site makeup services from her repeat clients, Nisa decided to pursue freelance artistry, and Feminisaah Artistry was born!

Gaining inspiration from the latest trends, fashion, music, and vintage Bollywood, Nisa strives to show her passion for makeup in every look that she creates. Her many years as an artist and educator have gifted her with an eye for color theory and aesthetic harmony. Nisa specializes in bridal, boudoir, special event, photography, print/commercial work, makeup lessons, and everyday makeup.